A call out to all CD and DVD manufacturing and duplication facilities:

The planet needs as much help and environmental support as possible. Please join The CD Recycling Center’s disc environmental initiative today. Working together we can show you how to decrease your carbon footprint, while increasing your sustainability efforts. The constant demand for plastic in the media manufacturing industry is constantly straining natural resources from the Earth. Resources we can’t replenish. However, we can help conserve these natural resources by spreading the word about the importance of disc and package recycling.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Manage a disc recycling campaign in your building. Educate your employees on the importance of never placing a damaged, unwanted or obsolete disc in the trash. Place receptacles in convenient locations and begin collecting your discs now. Duping rooms, printing rooms, injection molding areas, mastering and authoring rooms are all good places to collect your discs. Then, simply contact us to make arrangements to get the discs to our center. Based on your volume, you may be surprised to learn there is a financial benefit to recycling your discs with us here at the recycling center.
  2. Tell your customers, spread the word: Your customers need to know the importance of recycling discs when they are damaged, obsolete or unwanted. They do not belong in the trash. Please join our rapidly growing list of supporters and manufacturers. Please place The CD Recycling Center logo (.eps | .pdf | .jpg) proudly on your website, promotional materials and catalogues. We even give you the freedom to allow your customers to adopt our CD Recycling Logo as well.
  3. Become an affiliate. With thousands of people visiting our website weekly, the potential exposure could increase your bottom line by bringing in additional business, all while receiving accolades for supporting the environment. We have several levels of affiliation for you to choose your participation, all at no cost to your company. A standard affiliate promotes CD and DVD Recycling with links on their webpage and educates their customers on the importance of disc recycling. A certified affiliate has presented a company wide disc recycling campaign that has been reviewed and approved by The CD Recycling Center. A certified collection center has been approved to collect discs for recycling on our behalf.

Get helpful signs and posters here to support your campaign

Start recycling now!