Recycling Companies

Make us your partner. The CD recycling Center of America is becoming know worldwide for it’s expertise in recycling unwanted CDs and DVDs, in a way that is absolutely best for the environment. We understand you do not have time to do the sorting that is necessary to properly recycle all the many types of plastics that are in just one single CD or DVD package. But that doesn’t mean you need to send them to a landfill. Please contact us today and we’ll work together to formulate a plan that allows you to decrease any related handling costs, and turn your collections into profit for your company.

We have zero landfill waste here at the center, and we can achieve this by focusing just on CDs, DVDs and related packaging. Curbside cannot properly collect, sort, store and process a few dozen, hundreds, or even thousands of discs. Since we collect millions, it is very easy for us to successfully recycle them.

For your data sensitive customers, we can securely manage and destroy your collected discs as required.

We will buy your large loads of collected discs. Please email or call us today to discuss buying or selling plastic scrap.