Small Businesses

CDs are everywhere! The CD Recycling Center focuses on proper disc collection, sorting, handling and recycling. Our mail-in initiative is important for small businesses with sustainability in mind. Please realize curbside recycling does not properly recycle the #7 plastic that CDs and DVDs are manufactured from. We have zero landfill waste here at the center, and we can achieve this by focusing just on CDs, DVDs and related packaging. Curbside cannot properly collect, sort, store and process a few dozen, hundreds, or even thousands of discs. Since we collect millions, it is very easy for us to successfully recycle them.

Here’s how you can help the environment and increase your company’s sustainability:

  1. If your business receives in and uses many discs, please recycle them when finished with.
  2. If you market any of your own products on CDs or DVDs, You can also help us spread the word about the importance of disc recycling to your customers. Adopt the CD Recycling logo - When you release your next disc, on the artwork place the CD Recycling logo, and state:

    This disc is recyclable! Learn how at

  3. Here’s a suggested collection program for your business:

Discs only

  1. Choose a small location in your office, perhaps in the mail area or paper recycling area.
  2. Place a small or large box there (depending on your use) and write on it 'Recycle Compact Discs Here'. Send out a company memo, and have a quick recycling overview meeting.
  3. Simply take a few minutes, check your all areas waste discs may be, and with other employee's areas for old, scratch, used, over run, or unwanted discs.
  4. Place all the discs into the box.
  5. Mark the box 'CDs / DVDs/ HD/Blu-ray Discs only'


  1. If you have plastic cases such as a jewel case, or a slim case, please see if you can reuse them, or keep them for future use with perhaps another new disc.
  2. If broken or cracked, please collect in a separate box Please write on it 'CD cases here'
  3. We accept all standard CD packages, cases and sleeves.
  4. If your CD case is a carboard and plastic combination, such as a DigiPak or similar, please tear off the plastic part and place in this box, but see below in regards to the paper.
  5. Mark the box 'cases only' Inserts, Covers, Paperwork


  1. If you have covers, inserts or any other paper or paper board product that accompanies your compact disc, Please collect in a separate box. 'CD paperwork here'
  2. Mark the box 'paper only'

It may makes to use small collection buckets or receptacles at each desk, and then dump them into bigger collection bins for shipping.

When your boxes or bins are full, please send to:

The Compact Disc Recycling Center of America
68E Stiles Road
Salem, NH 03079

Yes, the shipping may cost you a small amount, but although you may not realize it, you'll be generating less trash, which you would have to pay to dispose of anyway. Less trash = less weight = less pickups which hopefully means fewer and cheaper trash pick ups.

Think about it

  • You'll generate less trash.
  • You'll be helping the very planet you live on.
  • Landfills will be less filled with non-decomposing plastic.
  • Incinerators will be generating less pollution that hurts our atmosphere.
  • Your customers will love you for it. (Some may already be expecting that you're already doing it)

If needed, you can rent or purchase a CD shredder and CD collection boxes from one of our affiliates

Get helpful signs and posters here to support your campaign

Start recycling now!